Report “Disadvantaged communities, rights and access to justice”

I want to share with you this document about “Disadvantaged communities, rights and access to justice”:

In Argentina there are few studies that have attempted to identify the gaps in access to justice from the perspective of the perception of users. This paper attempts to fill this shortcoming by focusing on the notions of legal needs identified by citizens.

Some of the research findings:

  • Even though all the individuals interviewed experienced a problem with regards to their rights, only half of these individuals actually recognized it as such.
  • 44% did not identify any legal problems or violation of their rights.
  • The first obstacle in the resolution of a problem is the access to information. 55% of the interviewees did not look for information on how to solve their problem, and half of that number didn’t look for information because they didn´t know how to or where to go.

Thanks for posting, @SebastianPilo! I really enjoyed meeting and working with you and @lucianabercovich at the Network Guidance Committee meeting last Friday in New York.

What are the next steps now that this research has been done, how are organizations in Argentina reacting to it and what changes if any do you see happening to your programming and in programming of other organizations?

I also wonder how and if your findings resonate in other countries. How about Ecuador, @manolomorales? Or Kenya, @AngoteGertrude? Or Philippines, @marlonmanuel?

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