Request for feedback: Strategic Plan for Tanzania IFP Alumni Association (TIFPA)

I am preparing a strategic plan for my organisation. Anyone interested to review and improve it?

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Sure! Tell us some more about your organization and your plans! I’m sure fellow members will be glad to talk with you about it.

Dear Tobias,

Here is the draft.




Thanks, @zubbeiry! This is a hefty document and it is very comprehensive! It’s obvious you have put a great deal of work into it. Other network members may be willing to read it and give feedback, but it may help if you tell us some more here in the forum about your organization, your achievements so far, challenges (besides financial) you face, your plans, and why TIFPA is in the right place at the right time to implement them. I moved your reply into a new topic so those who are interested can join you here.

Another tip: I noticed that you have not yet added TIFPA to the network directory. You can add it by logging in and updating your own profile. Or to save you time let us know if you’d like the network team to add it on your behalf using the info provided in the strategic plan.

Once in the directory, you can then apply for core membership which I recommend you do! It’s an opportunity for you and your colleagues to reflect on and put down detailed information about your role in the global legal empowerment movement, which the network team can potentially use to direct targeted opportunities your way. If approved, you will get a :star: next to your name in discussions and streamlined access to learning events and other opportunities through the network.

Dear Tobias,

I am sorry for being late in sending the draft TIFPA strategic plan. I hereby enclose the said documents and look forward to your inputs/ideas on its improvement.



Zubbeiry Ngoda

Great, thanks Zuberi! It’s kind of you to entrust your strategic plan to our community, and I’m sure other members will be interested in reading and giving feedback.

Thanks also for adding TIFPA to the organization directory. I just reviewed it and made some small fixes to add your logo and correct the formatting of your mailing address. I do hope you also decide to apply for core membership. Remember the link is at

As you think on your strategic plans, you may want to pay close attention to the discussions about Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation which can be a big help to you. See this topic in particular to jump in:

Hmm… I wonder if we should add a topic for members to review and give feedback on each other’s proposals and strategic plans… I’m sure more members would benefit from seeing what others are planning and giving/getting feedback. Welcome suggestions on this. I don’t generally to do it, but it probably would be better to put discussions about proposals and strategic plans in a private space because of course they evolve and we don’t need them to be discoverable by google.

Dear Tobias,

I appreciate your prompt response and inputs. I shall do so.



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You are very welcome. Good luck and more grease to your elbows! I wish you all success with your planning for TIFPA.