Resolutions from MBOSCUDA National Executive Committee meeting including topic of paralegals

Thanks all for the very important topic, on Paralegals and community mobilizing officers, Over the week-end MBOSCUDA National Executive Committee meet to take some major decisions and share learning from the Namati Learning exchange in Kenya. The sharing of the learning exchange has help shape our decision making and influence the scaling up of the paralegal programme in Cameron. Also adopted the model of which we learned in Kenya, the Social Enterprise to support financing of Paralegal and Community mobilizers. (See Resolution attached).



Hi @ndambamusa! Thanks for sharing the resolutions from your recent national executive committee meeting - I am really impressed with the work you are doing and appreciate that you are sharing it with the community. I am sure others will be glad to learn from you and follow your example. To that end I moved your post to its own topic - hope you don’t mind.

Recruiting volunteer paralegal officers will be one part of your strategy:

Recruit Volunteer paralegal officer in every division and a community mobiliser in each sub division in areas where we have Mbororo people especially where these services are not in existence. All regional presidents should channel their propose list of prospected candidates to Musa Ndamba

I will never forget our visit to the butchery in Nakuru together - glad to see that inspired you to set up a butcher social business to support MBOSCUDA. As that moves along, do keep us posted and share photos! Did you send an email to the butcher and hear back from him yet?


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Dear Tobias, Thanks very much for the nice and swift response. Yes move the topic or subject to appropriate topic. I shall also greatly appreciate any help or suggestion to support the implementation of the resolution. I have not yet call my friend the butcher in Nakuru, I will call him one this week. Thanks

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Thank you for this

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