[Resource] Global Project-Level COVID-19 Responses by Development Banks

International Accountability Project through the Early Warning System has been tracking project-level responses to COVID-19 funded by development banks. We found that as of April 28 the total investment is approximately USD 18 billion but this number is growing.

IAP team is monitoring the Covid-19 emergency response by aggregating, verifying and outreaching to partners frequently to provide Covid-19 related project summaries and the overview through data visualization, updated weekly since April 6th.

The interactive map can be found bit.ly/COVID19_DFI_Tracker Please explore and use the filters. You can filter by country or development bank. To read the details of any project, double click on the project name, select Project Information and connect to an Early Warning System project summary, where bank documents, whenever provided, are accessible. This Tableau will be updated weekly.