[Resource] Legal Empowerment, Covid-19 and Enhancing Access to Justice w/technology

I presented on Legal Empowerment, Covid 19 and Access to Justice w/ Technology, during the Skoll World Forum on Wednesday. We were thrilled to have 135 registrants and a great conversation. Here is the description, Skoll | Legal Empowerment, Covid-19 & Expanding Access to Justice w/Technology Here is a link to the video recording of the presentation - https://villanova.zoom.us/rec/share/59BXJLDy2WBOU6f15EDPXYwaBIDseaa803UcqfMIyUfXQILONKW5XqiLjh-hBMOx

If you want to get involved in Covid-19 A2J responses, join this group – You can learn more here: [#keeplawopen update no. 1 (or, I hope we don't blow it)]

Finally, I started a google doc with some initial ideas on how to get involved in a Covid-19-related justice response. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rjB0lzrrRgj_e0Nc0Thlae4I0UyqSOKtQmGhJrrD1C8/edit?usp=sharing Please add your ideas to the list. I am particularly interested in thinking about how we can scale technological solutions to reach communities at need.


Thanks for sharing this, @michelepistone, and glad to hear @mustafa_mahmoud presenting on their use of technology in citizenship rights work in Kenya. An important topic that is going to become all the more relevant in the weeks and months ahead.

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I came across this article that highlights how different African States are using tech to fight COVID.