[Resource] Pamphlets to raise awareness on hygiene for informal settlements in South Africa

Thank you for this post, Leonida. Organizations working in informal settlements (slums) in South Africa have a developed a pamphlet to create awareness on hygiene in slums. You can download it here: Dropbox - Link not found If you think that this is useful information, then please share with colleagues in slums in Kenya.


Thank you for sharing this Lorenzo.Sadly our first night of curfew hundreds were beaten up by the police and hurt .With court sessions closed to contain the virus spread, where does one go?Please see this linkhttps://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001365937/police-brutality-prevails-as-kenyans-rush-to-beat-curfew


The same is happening in South Africa. The police and army are enforcing the national lockdown in slums and poor communities, by shouting, beating, and assaulting residents who have difficulty in staying home. The same level of enforcement does not happen in more affluent communities. Once again the poor are subjected to harsh and cruel conditions.

Civil society in South Africa is organizing to hold the government accountable, while providing a humanitarian response at a local level. You can read more about that Tshisimani - Centre for Activist Education’s facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/pg/tshisimaniCAE/posts/

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