[Resource] Protecting our Organizations and People - Guidance for Legal Empowerment Groups

We’ve developed a resource to help members navigate the flood of information surrounding the pandemic.

This brief (available as a Google Doc or PDF) answers common questions about COVID-19, with a dedicated section on how grassroots justice organizations can prepare and protect themselves.

We’ve tailored this information to address specific challenges faced by network members—those living or working in crowded areas, for example.

The information has been sourced from key public health authorities such as the World Health Organization and compiled by public health experts. We welcome your suggestions or corrections - the brief will be continually updated to reflect the latest thinking.


to date the growth of transmission rates is still high. Even based on the count of several experts from various disciplines, especially related to the medical field, this growth will be more out of control if social distancing policies are not strengthened by government regulations that are binding and legally binding. or make a village-binding regulation agreed upon with the residents