Resources for a Guide to Gender-Based Violence for paralegals

Namati is assembling a resource guide aimed at helping grassroots legal advocates ( paralegals) handle cases relating to gender based violence.

We have assembled an initial curriculum, based on the outcomes of a collaborative workshop we hosted with over a dozen community paralegal programs in Africa. We touch on issues of client interviewing and intake, risk assessment, protection, and working with the police. We’d like to gather more perspectives, however, and see how others int he field are approaching GBV.

Can anyone please share resources that have been useful to them in training non-lawyers, non-specialists to handle gender-based violence cases? Thanks in advance!

@tobiaseigen, @michaelotto recently posted a new handbook on this topic, prepared by the Fordham Human Rights Clinic-- how do i connect the two threads?


Vivek: the handbook you are referring to is in the resources database. Here’s the related discussion topic - just creating the link to the topic connects these threads.