Resources for Developing a Community Paralegal Program

The Namati Team is currently looking for good, useful resources to include in an online resource guide focused on Developing a Community Paralegal Program. If you or someone you know has a resource that may be a good fit for this topic, please reply here or email me at:

The resource guide can be found here:

The list of resources we are looking fall into the following sections:

  • Who are Paralegals? including Introduction to the field, generalist vs specialist programs, and research on the paralegal movement.
  • Starting a Program: including needs assessment, community engagement and recruitment.
  • Basic Skills: including training skills, understanding the law, alternative dispute resolution, advocacy, community organizing, monitoring & investigating, and litigation.
  • Specialized Skills: including land rights, gender & gender based violence, prisoner‚Äôs rights, etc.
  • Ensuring Quality: including case management forms and techniques, impact evaluation, and methods of paralegal supervision and support.
  • Funding Paralegal Programs, including fundraising and managing funds.
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So many views, so little responses! :smile: Does anyone have any good training documents, case forms, M&E documents or other resources that could be added here? I thought I would check back in and ask to see if we could generate a few more interesting resources collaboratively…

Thanks in advance!

Have seen alot but needs to be adapted to our needs here…

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Hi @Elsie_Joseph, it is true, it is always best to adapt materials to your own national and community context. As you will see in our online resource guide How to develop a community paralegal program, there are not only methodological approaches in resources on what to consider and keep in mind, but also sample forms and reports that are to be taken as examples and adapted for use in other contexts.

Similarly, in our Community land protection online resource guide, there are suggestions and guidance on how to set up such a program or approach, complete with concrete examples, but these materials also need to be adapted to your specific community’s context. We will be publishing a methodology and training resource guide soon, which may be helpful in developing strategies for adaptation of materials. Thanks!

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Thanks Michael!

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