Resources for individuals and CSOs in Ukraine

Hello everyone,

PILnet has collated some important resources for individuals fleeing Ukraine and for civil society organizations working in the region. These might be helpful in navigating legal frameworks of different countries, documentation, banking and other hurdles they face. I’m sharing the list below.

Legal Empowerment Network members who live and work in Ukraine have formed a coalition to offer legal assistance to people seeking to cross borders, navigate martial law, secure temporary housing, and access humanitarian aid (more on their work here). We’ve started a fundraiser to support them, it’d be great if you can share it in your circles.

Resources from PILnet mailer -


  • Country-Specific Guidance: Country-specific guidance on travel documents, registration, access to social, medical, and housing services, as well as information to establish yourself in a new country.

  • Legal Resources List: A list of resources compiled from our partners for organizations or individuals who need basic legal assistance for people fleeing Ukraine, the CSOs supporting them, and those documenting human rights abuses.

  • Additional Resources List: A list of resources compiled by the European Pro Bono Alliance on topics such as rights and legal remedies, accommodations, travel, and humanitarian assistance, to help people fleeing from Ukraine.


  • Registration Guide: A comparative table summarizing legal frameworks for registering a not-for-profit entity in various countries in Europe.

  • Banking Guide: Information on specific aspects of opening and operating organizational bank accounts for not-for-profit entities in various jurisdictions.

If you have any other resources that might be useful, please share them on this thread. Please tag any network member who might benefit from this list. The PILnet mailer is also linked here.

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