Right for girl CHILD

Kenya girl CHILD is under abuse and needs a lot of help … kenya we need serious representative of girl child in whole country or per county … a lot of girls are found dead after being raped by neighbours… close relatives and police or administration officials who are supposed to offer security… action is needed per county and worldwide

Sad news Daniel, in Zambia right of girl CHILD is under abuse in a different way. Teen-pregnancy. Close relatives, neighbors cannot protect these young survivors by reporting to police. Instead families are threatening not to offer support, but all theses are offspring’s of lock-down measures due to COVID 19.

Hi Daniel,’ Highly Appreciated for your advocacy issue on Right for Girl CHILD. It is absolutely a relevant issues. Need to internalize in the rural and urban society in terms of Reformative, Trans formative, Adaptation, Acceleration and Facilitation etc. Stay healthy and Safe. Tapan Kanti Dey

So far we have no help or facilitation help we have to help this girls. We needs to have a rescue centre where this girls can be taken and given care of … facilitated and given all basic needed and personal support . Also this girls are also needs counselling and moral support . This girls also needs a lot of encoragements , that the life’s go on even if how situation is . Also on.our side we luck good items to gather the informations well . We needs things like good cameras . Laptops …phones and all communication equments so that we gather all the cases so that even if we can challenge the people who abuses the girls we have the evidence and also for sharing the news to other human right organization or challenging the government

Yes Daniel i totally agree with you, you need to have all those items for the sake of evidence and in some cases, even mitigation.

this is sure true . But i have nothing to do follow up… we needs facilities like camera and laptops and printing machine for this project or program to help this girls We needs a facilitator or support towards this right of girl child protect program to reach our goals .