Rigorous and immediate investigation of the Marielle Franco and Anderson Pedro Gomes’ murder

(Please, share with your parners. Hay una versión en español en el sitio, también: APURAÇÃO RIGOROSA E IMEDIATA DO ASSASSINATO DE MARIELLE FRANCO E DE ANDERSON PEDRO GOMES - Themis)

Every black people’s death is a political death. Marielle Franco was, first and foremost, a black woman. Black women lead the change and are the first to be shot down. The process of genocide of the black people, which has, as some of its instruments, the marginalization, the “drug war” and the militarized policy of public security – aggravated by the Federal Intervention of Rio de Janeiro, killed another one.

Marielle was a city council of the PSOL- RJ, born in the slum “Complexo da Maré”. She was a sociologist, with a master’s degree in Public Administration, researching and denouncing the genocide of the black population. On the night of Wednesday, 03/14/18, she was brutally murdered, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, as well as Anderson Pedro Gomes, her driver. Marielle was also with her assistant, Fernanda Chaves, who survived. As reported by the newspapers “O Dia” e “Extra”, both of them were returning from an event when a vehicle stopped next to the car they were in and two men suddenly fired at them, leaving immediately the place.

The death of Marielle must be honored by the continuity of our fight, by the follow-up of the denunciations of the illegalities promoted by the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro and other brazilian states, as well as by the immediate investigation of their murder. There is no time or space for hesitation or fear.

For the end of Federal Intervention in Rio de Janeiro!

Black lives matter!

Porto Alegre, 03/15/2018.

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@luanapereiradc thank you for sharing, I fully support your calls for a full investigation into this matter - the culture of impunity must end now. Have you seen this news from yesterday. In honor of Marielle Franco, the Open Society Foundation FordFoundation and the Ibirapitanga Institute have launched a new initiative to ensure that black women from Brazil’s favelas can occupy spaces of power.

I am sure you know many great black women who should be supported to continue Marielle Franco’s efforts to broaden the voice of black women and their access to power in Brazil.

You can read more here


Hi, Stacey. Yes, I saw this and I’m looking forward for the calling for projects. Coincidentally, I was with the President of Baobá Fund, Helio Santos, in the same day that they decided to create this collective fund. It is a hope in such a difficult moment we’re living in Brazil. Warm regards,


wonderful - please keep us posted here on progress with these initiatives.