Role of Young Peace Builders in Building Peace in Cameroon

Getting into the fourth year, the North West and South west Regions of my country Cameroon has been experiencing violent clashes between the non state armed actors (Ambas) and the Government Regular soldiers. Matters escalated from a peace demonstration by Lawyers and Teachers which met stiff resistances resulting to radicalization by the Military.

This conflict has escalated with several youths being radicalized and many shot as a resukt of this conflict. Alot has been done by young peace Builders but many times their actions are misinterpreted hence they are flagged, targeted by whoever party who sees their work as a threat to their agenda. As a Young Peace Builder, I find the attacks directed to us because of our stance needs proper check and also the gross human right violations taking place in these two regions.

I open this topic for deliberation with other members on possible solutions and way forward within this context especially from members who have lived in such realities.


Dear Caryn, Thank you very much for sharing this story. Probably it is very difficult now in Cameroon. I think the only possible solution is negotiations and consultations between the affected parties and mutual compromises if possible. Alexandar


Thank you very much for your suggestion. There is a dire need for a solution. Mean while you can follow this link and read a pour out of my emotions on the issues affecting us.


This is such a sad update on Cameroon! These type of conflicts are tough to handle once they have escalated! I hope something is done very fast to save lives.


Caryn Dasah. Its sad issue and its sometimes difficult.Did u ever tried to involve independent third party? Please try this.


It is really sad to watch pictures like this. What are the reasons for this situation? I don’t know a lot about Cameroon.

Hi Caryn,I see the various suggestions by members here for solution to our very difficult problem in the Northwest and South West regions of Cameroon.I will like to work with you in this light as I am living with the problem in Kumba ,South West Region.Thanks

Hi Alex,Cameroon is a bilingual country in west and central Africa.A country that was colonised initially by the Germans but after the 2nd world war Britian and France took took over from the Germans. Hence the Cameroon was divided into two parts i.e French Cameroon and English Cameroon.In 1960 the French Cameroon gained independence while the English Cameroon which was under trusteeship with Britian gained independence by deciding to joining the French Cameroon as a Federation.

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Thanks Caryn for flagging up this very sensitive topic in this forum. it would be good to know that this forum is meant for exchange of information and many other countries around the world have experience this type of conflict and have wonderful experience it would be good to clearly identify your self and the community where you come from as well as the young peace builders. there are many readers from Cameroon including myself. I know how frightful it is to identify ones self within the context of NOSO crisis but i still think the members of this forum would be diligent enough as HR activiest to protect everyone including you and your group. thank you very much


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