Sample forms for community land registration

Do you work in a country that has an official process for registering community land (or similar, like community forests, group ranches etc.)? Do you have access to the official forms and procedures that need to be completed for registration? Or have you collected forms like this in past research?

If so, please share! We are collecting example/template forms and procedures to inform the development of a new form to be used by one of our partners. And we want to maintain a library of these for network members more generally.

Please post to this topic to share example forms or associated procedures - or email them to and I’ll be sure to share.

Specifically looking at: @TimothyYaile @KondeiMakko @FloraMasoy @psaiyanka @Aling @teresaeilu @DavidOkello @egaruemma @PaolyelMPOnencan @mutesim @NyiNyiHtwe @Moe_Odele

@clp_partners @jaronvogelsang @rachaelknight @rorypulvino @gabiemcmichael @davidarach


No examples to share, anyone? It would be great if we could pull up examples from Uganda and Tanzania at least - @teresaeilu @Aling @KondeiMakko can you assist?

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We’ve found some examples! Thank you to everyone who connected with me to offer suggestions and links. Check these out:

Botswana Tribal Land Regulations.pdf (249.9 KB) Philippines - RULES AND REGULATIONS IMPLEMENTING REPUBLIC ACT NO 8371 - THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ RIGHTS ACT OF 1997.pdf (404.5 KB) Tanzania-The-Village-Land-Regulations-2001-pdf.pdf (410.0 KB) Uganda - The_Land_Regulations,_2004_SI_100.pdf (288.0 KB)

While none of these are ‘perfect’, they provide tangible examples of what community land registration can look like in practice. Also, this search has inspired @rachaelknight to draft an ‘ideal’ community land registration form in order to support advocacy and policy reform efforts. Stay tuned!

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Here is examples from Uganda. Procedure and Forms for Registration in Uganda.docx (93.6 KB)


Fantastic! Thank you @Aling - for Network members unfamiliar with LEMU’s work in Uganda, LEMU has been investigating and navigating the processes and options for community land registration for years. They are an excellent resource to ask about how things are done in Uganda and how to do legal assessments of registration options - I encourage you to post questions to them on this thread or others.

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