Indigenous People land Under attack make it a call to action to protect land for the affected community living in the Kavango region. The Environment Justice in Namibia at safety risk and alarming sign of human dwelling insecurities. This environmental endangered land has post a threats that can lead to a dangerous harm to the environment Ecosystem, If the State doesn’t take serous action to stop Oil Drilling in the Kavango Regions . Pushing for agent environmental protection it has been at forefront of all Environmental Justice Activist in Namibia demanding call to action which brought together a number of Civil Society Organisation in Namibia and International to sign the petition that aimed to stop the illegal Oil Drilling in the Kavango Region. The Equality Rights Africa Organisation has stand in solidarity with the community affected by this Illegal Oil Drilling plan in the Kavango Regions .It’s therefore our active support to push down the Illegal Oil Drilling Agenda which can cause serous harm to human’s life and the Environment Ecosystem in Kavango. We are therefore respectful calling on the government of the Republic of Namibia to suspend all Oil and Gas drilling and establish an independent and impartial Public Commission of Inquiry to critically examine the current and future oil and Gas exploration and Extraction in the Kavango East and West Region. Until all Namibian can obtain credible evidence of the potential impact on their lively hoods and their inalienable rights and can consider what are realistic and sustainable alternative strategies for developing Namibia’s energy and the Kavango regions, with particular references to climate change, the government should impose a moratorium on those activities . We appreciate your support with #SavetheEnviromentNamibia.This initiative encompasses absolute defending Environment Justice and Strengthening pillars that can make the UN-SDG15 achievable in Namibia.

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Thanks to all who contributed to the #SaveEnviromentNamibia Together in solidarity we Shall win Justice for environment.