Securing a paralegal qualification online or in person


I am a 31 year old from South African, brown skin man who has been a investigative journalist for a decade. I lost everything in a matter of months due to covid 19, but as i come to McDonalds to be able to download resources for community paralegals.

I have set up a pop advice centre in a marginalised community who fits the school to prison pipeline storyline, for many reasons but one concerning reason is understanding of basic law, documents and rights. I am currently doing this on my own with no sort of funding, but my soul hasn’t felt that good in years.

Well, i am here to beg plead and even jump a fire, to be able to get qualified and make a bigger difference. We need it more that ever as covid has made those inequalities become the bullet of conflict between people who for years been neighbours but now on conflict resolution, to me a paralegal could be solving some of the injustices in South Africa.

PS you never know that you could save a life, cause mental these months crippled me.

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Hi @Journomarv30, you could get in touch with the National Alliance for the Development of Community Advice Offices (Nadcao).

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Thank you so much for responding.

I tried the link but it seems to be down, do you have an email address for me?

Kind Regards Marvin

Hi Marvin, I just send you a personal message with contact details!