Seeking environmental champions for Goldman Prize nominations

Do you know of an environmental champion who deserves international recognition for their work protecting the environment, natural resources, or community lands?

The prestigious international Goldman Prize is open for nominations, and each year Namati prepares 1-3 nominations. Read more about the prize here:

The deadline to submit nominations is Monday May 2, 2016 - Namati needs at least two months to properly prepare a nomination, so we ask that you suggest nominees by the end of February.

If you would like to suggest an individual, organization, or a situation/cause that we should look into for potential nominees, please discuss below or send a private message to me on Discourse or an email to

Thank you!

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Hi Marena, I am very interested in the program of seeking Environmental Champion. my question is is there an application forn (format) to be filled. if there is pls send me a copy or if not how do I apply.


Taman Willie ONESMAS Mere-Sauwia,Vanuatu

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Thank you for your interest, Taman! The Goldman Prize requires that people be nominated for their work, it is not an open application. It must also be a secret nomination, so the person being nominated is not supposed to know that they are being nominated.

If you are interested in suggesting someone who you feel should be considered for nomination, please send me a private message here on Discourse or by email.


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