Seeking evidence of legal empowerment's anti-corruption impact

For two studies I’m conducting - one for UNDP and Australia’s DFAT, the other for a Norwegian policy institute - I am seeking evidence of legal empowerment’s impact against corruption. I have found scattered references to this here at the Namati site and via other resources, but could still use a good deal of additional significant evidence. I’d welcome any links or references folks could provide that indicate such evidence.

Given the nature of some research, it’s possible that the studies don’t explicitly highlight or identify the impact on corruption, but instead frame results in terms of protecting land or housing rights or improving public health or education services, for example. I’d appreciate such research as well. Of course, if providing the links or references you could indicate the anti-corruption impact, that would be even better.

The ideal studies I’m seeking would not just indicate that corruption has been limited, but that it has had follow-on effects on health, education, access to land, human rights, etc. I have an mind a Uganda public health study from a number of years ago, for example, that indicated not just that corrupt conduct was limited but that it in term helped cut back on child mortality. But even short of such dramatic impact, any relevant research would be appreciated.

While I have to of course be objective in conducting this studies, I do hope that the results will help increase international political and financial support for legal empowerment work.

Regardless, thanks for any help!


Steve Golub


Thank you, Steve, for your work on these critical studies. Fighting corruption is such a core mission for legal empowerment efforts- I wish we had more evidence about impact but it’s often tough to capture.

Here are a few places I’d suggest:

  • An updated version of the evidence mapping that Laura (@lauragoodwin) and I did

  • Attached is the latest version of the comparative chapter of the paralegal book, which is finally coming out this year. It includes some discussion of impact evidence and some discussion of corruption. Chapter 1_Comparative Chapter.docx (383.1 KB)

  • An article about LE work in Mozambique, including efforts to combat bribery in the health sector.

Thank you for inspiring so many of us to work for this cause.