Severe water shortage crisis in Bulgaria

Good morning, There is a severe water shortage crisis in Bulgaria and I wonder can some project be offered to the Bulgarian communities? The news about the supply with a water are frustrating. Thank you very much for your time. Alexandar

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Hi Alex! I am sorry to hear about the water shortage in Bulgaria. I have moved your post into a new topic so we can focus on it here. Are you able to tell us some more about this situation, including providing a link to a news site or any more info about it? How long has it been going on? What is the cause? What is being done about it now that is not working? Who are the main actors who could be supported?

Dear Tobias, Thank you for your reply. I will give more information. The situation there is frustrating in some cities and this is part of the complex political and economic corruption schemes.

I am on my way to a networking event and will send more info in the afternoon.


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In 2012 the Bulgarian President warned about this problem and now this is a real challenge for some Bulgarian cities.

There is already investigation by the Bulgarian authorities about the water crisis.


The transition from totalitarism to democracy in Bulgaria was completed in undemocratic way. A lot of officials from the communist party became rich people overnight. And many of them are influencing the Bulgarian politics and economy.

New Bulgarian environment minister in Bulgaria in the water crisis. Today the government announced a new plan to connect the water supply infrastructure of the most affected region with the system of the capital Sofia. Will this move can possibly affect the water supply in the capital?

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