SGBV against women living with disabilities


Thanks for posting. Can you please provide some details and maybe quote an abstract?

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The dialogue on discrimination against women has widely and extensively been discussed but, it has not been discrete on women living with disabilities. Women living with disabilities are commonly regarded as asexual and thus suffer from “double discrimination” since they are stigmatized both as women generally and as women living with disabilities. 3 It is usually in both private and public capacity which makes them been denied the basic and essential human rights which include denial of critical health care and education or limitation on the pursuit of a livelihood.

Despite the efforts of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 (COK) in Article 27 which protects persons living with disabilities from discrimination and Article 54 which provides for their right to access assistive tools and communications, women living with disabilities are still ‘marked by experiences of discrimination, prejudice and inequality.’ According to Dick Sobbey, ‘The degree of risk of sexual abuse of persons with disabilities appears to be at least 150 percent of that for individuals of the same sex and similar age without disabilities.’ SGBV still prevails in Kenya even as the Sexual Offences Act 2006 (SOA) has been in place. Although there are existing laws on humanitarian rights which give privilege to women living with disabilities to be free from all forms of harm and violence, they are more prone to be victims of sexual abuse which may lead to them been limited to judicial interventions and also physical and psychological help.

Hi mates, What is suffered under SGBV is heartbreaking but horrendous in the case of females with disability. Taking them to be asexual is cruel and outrageous indeed. Who can we reach out to these victims who invariably opt to hide the abuses they suffer? This mind set is bad.