SGBV (Sexual gender based violence)

Sexual gender based violence is on the rise in the recent past. What other means and way for creating awareness is remaining.


Hello Vincent! Thanks for starting this topic about sexual gender based violence. Can you tell us some more about your experience in Kenya, the nature of the problem in your community, and what you have seen being done about it? What have you yourself tried so far and what did you learn? What was the outcome?

I’m sure other members in other parts of the world will be happy to share their suggestions. I know the 16 days of activisim is something you will want to look and and potentially join this year - perhaps Kenyan members can join forces and join this campaign together! :kenya:

Sexual gender based violence is on the rise in my country, i encounter at least 2 cases in a day from the community. Though referral is not a challenge but most of witnesses are compromised in some instances and survivors change location due to threats from perpetrators kins. Currently there is County government policy on SGBV developed by National Gender and Equality commission which is being implemented to curb the problem. I have mobilized some of community members to form a community based organization to create awareness to reduces and eliminate the violence and the outcome is far good. I have created a network with legal and health institutions in my area to help in referral pathway.


Thanks, Vincent! That’s super interesting. Where in Kenya do you work and live? In your experience, how much variance is there between different places, rural vs cities, between cities?

Welcome Mr. Tobias, i work in one of the major informal settlement within Nairobi CITY and i live in the same locality. The variance is much bigger between rural and cities simply because of economic and social factors which are some of the probable causes of SGBV.

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Hello @vincentotieno, thank you for coming up with this. i work in Nairobi and It is shocking that every minute a woman or a girl is sexually harassed knowingly or unknowingly as they go about their usual business in public spaces. majority of the perpetrators are fully aware of their actions while others are not. some forms of sexual harassment like indecent touching and groping in congested spaces are normalized such that people would not bother if harassed. other forms like stripping of women attributed to “indecent dressing” clearly depicts the moral decay of the society. something need to be done and especially on behavior and mindset change. Also making access to justice to the survivor a fundamental aspect.

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Thank you Lucy, another trend is emerging ( Rape and Defilement in girls boarding schools by teaching staffs) the so called investigations should come as soon as possible and the perpetrators be apprehended. Otherwise the society in general might start normalizing all sexual assaults.

How likely are you to recommend the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

Thank you. What can we do better?

Thank you. What can be improved?

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