Share how you are celebrating International Women's Day

It is 8 March in Kenya and that means the International Women’s Day is here again! I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate all the women in this platform @ashleyvanwaes, @lauragoodwin, @ElizabethDonger, @krithikadinesh @veronica, @kanchikohli, @MayaReddy among many others, for the incredible work they are doing to make the world a better place to live in- just, equitable and secure! May you be inspired to press on because your efforts are not in vain. And you still have a lot to offer. What are you doing to celebrate the international women’s day?


Thank you for the kind words, @AndrewOchola! Happy International Women’s Day :dancer:


I was at a She Leads event in San Francisco, the event brought together all sorts of women and male allies from the world of tech, start ups and social entrepreneurship. Some nice conversations on how to advance female leadership and the need for more intersectional feminism!

There was a great quote from the academic Emma Dabiri on the issue

“While there is a lot of “talk”, systemically I don’t know how much is shifting. We see the use of radical language co-opted to suited hegemonic interests. There is seemingly room for a few more women, more queer people, more brown bodies to “take up space”, but are they just being absorbed into the status quo? I think we have to ask ourselves what we actually want to achieve? Is “Feminism” about increasing consumerist choices within the neoliberal paradigm, or should we seek to reconnect with its history of radicalism and socialism that it is increasingly untethered from?”


I work a couple days a week from a social innovation co-working space in Toronto. Our Member of Parliament also has his office here. He invited us all – and other constituents – to join in having coffee and cake and celebrating the day.

This year’s theme, #MyFeminism, recognizes feminism as a powerful global movement that has led to progress for women and people of all genders. I, unfortunately, didn’t join, so I am not sure what was discussed, but from the looks of the email, Canada’s new gender-centered budget might have been a topic.


Shout out to @akmaralfrancis for bringing all of us beautiful flowers here in the Namati Washington DC office to celebrate International Women’s Day!



Thank you, Deyla. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cherry_blossom::hibiscus::sunflower:


Love this - especially @staceycram and @akmaralfrancis’s additions! I live in quite a rural area these days, but remain a committed feminist ally and I am helping to raise a strong, progressive feminist at home too!

How about other women’s rights advocates out there? @fatimaadamu, dada @Wigayi, @mitali, @WomensRights?


Thank you @AndrewOchola for celebrating these wonderful women. I agree the world wouldn’t be a better place without them. I chose to spend the evening with my lovely activist taking photos of her yet she now fears the camera flash

I don’t like the light Daddy


Here in Madrid, there were not a celebration day but a day to commemorate the fight of women for equal rights. Most of the unions and institutions have joined the women strike. it was a historic day, more than 6 million women participated in the strike of working, consuming and caring to ask for equal rights, stopping the violence against women, equal payment, economic recognition of domestic work, break the glass ceiling, etc.

Seems that something is changing in the world and women will be the protagonists!

Here a news in The Guardian about the strike in Spain.


I was with some of my favourite women in Delhi @satnamkaur @manjumenon @krithikadinesh @VidyaViswanathan and @meenakshikapoor

A fantastic day with deep discussions related to legal empowerment, learning and the law to start with; and moving on to deeper dives into gender justice once we had checked in for the week.

thank you @AndrewOchola for the shout. :seedling:


That’s Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful! Daddy’s girl is growing too fast. A budding Activist. Thumbs up to all Dad’s out there raising strong women.


So grateful and useful learning

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This date is a special day that the whole world recognizes the place of woman in our community, it is better to understand that women can do best things than men if we support them. let us burn the African cultures that consider a woman like a houseworker with no contribution in today’s society.