Share your 2021 wins

Happy new year fellow network members!

Last week, @vivekmaru shared a video message that highlighted collective wins for 2021. They are inspiring. What wins did you, your organization or your community achieve in 2021? Please share them in the comment section below and let us continue to be inspired together.

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Thank you so much for bringing a positive topic to the forum.

Last year, I was able to facilitate and train 30 young women on positive leadership and feminism roles in Africa under FEMNET (African Women Communication and Development Network). The training took place in Dodoma, Tanzania’s capital and brought together a diverse group of young women from the grassroot level, urban and rural areas, as well as university students. Truly one of a kind!


Excellent :clap:t4:! Thanks for sharing @Rachele


Thank you as well, @amandapadilla! Glad to share my story and looking forward to building more successes this year.

Does NAMATI invite written pieces from members for its newsletters? If so, I would love to prepare a piece (any time and for any topic) and submit it for publishing. Many thanks! :blush:

Thanks for offering, @Rachele! We will be in touch if/when there is an opportunity to submit something. Until then, take care.

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