Should girls/women trust the system that has failed to keep them safe and free from Sexual and gender based violence?

Girls in my community lives in fear of raped and assualted by preditors who live among them and to the fact that some are their relatives. Women Rights, they have being violated by the society which is suppose to help and protect them. Looking over there shoulders each very day ,with no one to trust it has became a normal is really disturbing,that all the effort done by the government and local organizations by implementing the tough policies passed as a bill to keep this girls safe it’s been suppressed when same of the perpetrators are protected by the senior government officials or by the law.Because the law is based on evidence and if that cannot be provided , no crime is committed. A good example,a minor girl from a village called sagalla was assaulted and raped and since the community of this area is not empowered, they were asked to settle the matter outside the law jurisdiction because there was no evidence to produce since the family had tampered with the evidence. which lives the question ,will this girl and many others who are victims of injustice ever trust the system?

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Girls and women have no reason to trust the systems that are supposed to protect them. I interpret the system not only as the government but the community, religious institution, legal frameworks, schools, and family. All these systems have contributed to the abuses that girls and women go through and have not done their best to deal with the culprits. let’s take a quick look, a husband who rapes his maid or step daughter will be protected by the wife and the issue may end there or settled at family level despite the fact that it is a criminal case. if reported, to church leaders, they will preach forgiveness, if to the police, there will be delayed justice or the culprit may bribe his way out, if it goes to court, the case is delayed or the law will impose a lineant sentence. hence the system failing to protect women and girls.

but never the less, we need to continue sensitising the community and push for justice for the victims.


I totally agree with you on the need of sensitisation, in order to restore a meaningful and working system in the society.

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It is sad to hear that, in my country the same story. Now is the time to use the alternative strategies to end violence against children, girls


the system has no failed it is now the boychild that is in danger. too much focus on women has endangered the boy child

You nailed it for the Church will pick forgivness angle.Community baraza will fine cows or settlment,Wives will even go to an extent of accusing the victim to protect the beloved loose husbands.Law courts will depend on pocket. The only answer is us activists .When we follow to the fullest we scare the bended systems and JUSTICE is served .Thank you.


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