Should SGBV ( Sexual and Gender Based Violence) be a capital offence in the strict sence

Black’s Law Dictionary defines Capital Crime (offence) as "One for which the punishment of death is pref scribed and inflicted. Walker v. State, 28 Tex. 1 App. 503. 13 S. W. 860; Ex parte Dusen.berry, 97 Mo. 504. 11 S. W. 217."

The UNHCR defines SGBV as Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) refers to any act that is perpetrated against a person’s will and is based on gender norms and unequal power relationships.

Most legal systems, such as the [common law] and the [civil law]systems, evolve, less and less crimes are capital offences and in many countries, none are as the [death penalty] has been abolished.

It is my take that crimes of SGBV should be a capital offence/felony/crime since it is a violation of human rights, denies the human dignity of the individual and hurts human development. it can also be classified as a crime against humanity since the victims or survivors suffer a lot than many could comprehend. Whats your ground?


I fully support that proposal of the strict rules on the SGBS BECAUSE i view it as taking somebodies property (personality) without permissions. Moreso we should strongly consider both genders.

moreso i think we should ensure that the gender equaliy is attained and SGBV punishment does not just lean on one particular gender

I do not support death sentence for perpetrators of sexual offences but I propose ’ public castration for males and permanent sealing for women. This may sound nasty but its the only way for us to have peace.

hahahahaha and thats where human rights activists will come arguing torture and disrespect of human dignity

Hahahaha yes yes yes !

They will scream fire and brimestones.

What other realistic solution is there?

it is against human rights and the united nations convention against torture

Sure ! but it is likely to be the best solution.

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