Sierra Leone women should celebrate International Women’s Day with two big wins

Women in Sierra Leone should celebrate this day (March 8) because of the two unprecedented wins they made through the passage of the Customary Land Rights Act and the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Act. The two laws have significantly increased women’s rights in the country.

Customary Land Rights Act

  • eliminate discrimination under customary law, and the management and administration of land subject to customary law

  • Guarantees women’s equal rights, access and use of land

  • Supports joint spousal registration of land title

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Act

  • 30% of public and private jobs must be reserved for women, this includes political appointments in cabinet and parliament.

  • Ending discrimination against women in the workplace

  • Equal access to bank credit and training opportunities

  • Considerably increased maternity leave

  • And many more goodies for women

Let’s join the women of Sierra Leone to celebrate and make these laws work for them