Sign-on and endorse the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+


As many of you know Namati’s @cocolammers sits on the Steering Committee of the TAP (Transparency Accountability and Participation) Network. Over the last few weeks we have worked with civil society partners around the world to produce Amplified Commitments and Partnerships for Accelerated Action: Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+. We hope that this tool will be a useful resource for those of you who are seeking to influence your governments SDG reporting at this years High Level Political Forum and UN General Assembly. The Rome Declaration is now open for endorsement, read more below from the TAP network on how to add your support.

Following up on our consultations from the past couple of weeks, we are pleased to share with you the “Amplified Commitments and Partnerships for Accelerated Action: Rome Civil Society Declarationon SDG16+” , which has been finalized at the Rome SDG16 Conference being held this week. This Rome Declaration is now open for endorsements on a rolling basis , which we hope that TAP Members will consider signing on to!

This “Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+” outlines some key recommendations and a broad call to action around SDG16+, which will directly feed into the outcomes of the Rome SDG16 Conference, and will be the central focus of our advocacy to encourage accelerated action on SDG16 at the 2019 HLPF in July and the SDGs Summit in September. Additionally, civil society will present a statement to the Rome Conference here this afternoon to summarize the main points from this Declaration, and you can find the full statement to be delivered here.

The Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+ is the product of an online consultation that we promoted amongst the TAP Membership and other civilsociety networks over the past couple of weeks, as well as deliberations during the Rome Conference Civil Society Day that the TAP Network hosted on Sunday 26 May, just prior to the Rome SDG16 Conference. The extensive process to draft this resolution was guided by three co-facilitators, including Coco Lammers from Namati, Peter van Sluijs from the CivilSociety Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding, and Pascal Richard from the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict.

This Rome Declaration is now open for broad endorsements from civilsociety partners, and we very much hope that you’ll all consider signing on to support this Declaration!

Sign-on and endorse the Rome Civil SocietyDeclaration on SDG16+ via the form here:

We also hope that you’ll share this document far and wide with all of your partners and networks, and please share the link to the form for them to endorse the Declaration as well! We look forward to receiving endorsements for this Rome Declaration from many of you, and following up on the RomeConference as well in the days and weeks ahead!


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