Sign-on to tell UNDP: no alliances with Oil

Sign-on to stop the United Nations Development Programme from partnering with oil!

Part of the broader pattern of the corporate capture of the UN system, the scandal of UNDP partnerships with oil companies contradicts the UN Secretary General’s recent statements against any “big fossil fuel infrastructure anywhere” and the International Energy Agency’s call to phase out fossil fuels. Indeed, the fossil fuel industry is anathema to the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We recently successfully campaigned to force UNDP Colombia to cut ties with the predatory Chile-based oil company GeoPark. It is time for UNDP to exclude any collaboration with the fossil fuel industry, reversing their policy during their annual Executive Board meeting June 7 - 11.

We hope your organization will join this timely campaign! Feel free to circulate this call to your networks.

Here is a sign-on letter for your institution: online form.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 2nd 9:00pm EDT.

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