Sketch theatre as a means of legally empowering youth

I came across this article about an interesting program combining sketch theatre and legal empowerment to help young people identify and address legal problems. Thought I would share!

There are not a lot of details on how they ran the program, but I am sure they would share if anyone was interested in reaching out to them.

@yasahkym, @mustafa_mahmoud – this made me think of NRF given that I know there are already quite a number of existing arts and theatre initiatives in the Kibera area. Perhaps a future collaboration!


Nice! Thanks for sharing this great link. Does this relate at all to theater education, as discussed previously? If so, maybe we can move this into that topic to continue the conversation. I think theatre has much promise as a tool for community education around legal empowerment and other important social themes.

McKinley, perhaps you could even invite the folks at the law foundation of ontario to join in here to share their experiences with our community.

Hey @tobiaseigen – yes, this could be moved there, I suppose, though the difference is that it may not be ‘paralegals’ doing this work.

I looked at the list that pops up that says “this post is similar to…” (or whatever that language is) to see if there was one to integrate it with, but that post didn’t come up as a suggestion.

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No worries - we can also let this topic remain here for a while and see what happens. Thanks, Kinley!

NRF used to partner with an Organisation in Kibra that used to do theatre around 2012. Theatre is good for out door activities.