Social problems

As a paralegal my job is very broad in all spheres in the Community regarding their Social problems as, illegal evictions and Estate on the property, Illegal Switched off of the in the Electricity in the household, domestic violence, and domestic workers basic rights, Women in prison to access the justice. Protecting the girls and boys rights as well etc the list it’s long.


Hi Rose! Welcome to our community. It’s great to see you here. You are listing issues that many paralegals in this community face. Can you tell us a story about one in particular that has presented you with a challenge that you were able to overcome using a creative or innovative approach?

@tobiaseigen We as paralegals in South Africa are not all well trained as we are supposed to, most of the paralegals are basically self taught on how to handle issues and to solve cases. its only now recently with the establishing of the Dullah Omar school for paralegals did “paralegals” start to get proper training as well as the intervention of the University of North West as well Black sash. we are sitting of a lot of unsolved cases all over the country especially in the province were a live the Northern Cape, i know because i am the provincial secretary of the Northern Cape its very tough because some people have no or just little resources to assist them with cases, in some instances you will find yourself fighting against some one or people that have a lot of money and resources and you just get nowhere and the people suffer a lot because most of the time government officials and private attorneys are involved and not forgetting the injustice of the justice system and corruption that plays a huge role in some of these cases.


Dear colleague/s,

I wish to mybe respond in regard to the email send by Lawrence on" Paralegal with no training " mybe Yes or No.

In my face I was trained by Black Sash, Legal Resources Center in the year 1986 and also attending some educational workshop with Wits Law School , Humans Rights,and other organizations , Unions as well as self studying and upgrading yourself.

My understand us as you work you become wise and have a way of dealing with different cases in your office also networking with others office referring cases to Legal Aid and to other relevant institutions.

I stand to be corrected, that is how you develop yourself going to library as well getting a relevant material.

Connect and network.



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Good evening Tobias,

In the year 2017 we had a case where a female client was in prison in trial not yet sentenced, she left three 3 kids in the hours for a period of 6 months or so.

Her first born was at the time 16 years second born was 13 years and third born was 8 years, then due to her ( client) was in rental arrears then Department of Human Settlement (housing) issued and legal evictions through High Court.

Sheriff came to eviction the Children out of the house then we intervene as am Office Paralegal by referring the matter South Africa Constitution of protect the Children’s rights and called an Urgent meeting with the HOD of Department of Human Settlement in Legal Department to reverse the Eviction as the our Constitution does not allowed them to eviction children from the house otherwise we as an office we will take the matter to Lawyer for Humans Rights and expose Department of Human Settlement in the media.

In 2 week’s time the Children were moved back to their mother’s house since their mother’s was still in prison though their mother was release after 3 months from the prison as she was not going guilt.

I hope you’ll find interesting in this case.



Nonyameko Rose N Gidana.

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