Societies struggle with men and womens perception of each other

Culture and practices are built over time. Societies now seem to be battling with irresponsible men and all manner of failed men. Women are insistent on blaming men. Many women are beating milestones in personal development and empowerment. A Group of men seem just to label such women and no one seems to be moved to do anything about it. What is the issue?

Over time, the society has created roles for women and men. These roles have been favourable to men than women even though some men have become victims of such role. These roles are what we call gender roles today and because men have been the most favoured in terms of gender roles, they have been the most progressive of the two sexes and hence the dominant. How ever, to say "women seem to generally judge all men negatively’ is disagree with you. I would have agreed is it was paraphrased as most women judge most men negatively’. The culture is changing as there are several materials and projects out there trying to change this narratives.


I take that well. You are right ‘most’ women. The generalisation is a fault on my part.

In your assertion that men have been most favoured, I see where you are coming from. I do not want to start a revolution or anything, but the long standing perception that men are the stronger gender has facilitated women to allow, if I may use this term, the favouritism of men. Men shouldn’t be blamed for gender inequity instead it should be generations that lived earlier on that are faulted. We just came into a situation. Men have done nothing wrong but to perpetuate an established norm. The blame game serves to remind men that the norm has always been men are favoured, a man moulded by this mentality might not readily fight gender inequity. I am passionate about gender rights and the elevation of women to a position of fairness and justness with men, I am just concerned that for so long we have approached it in a less that appropriate way that it seems like it is a fight between men and women. What do you think?

Derrick Otsyeno Roy