'Solidarity bus' represents Kyrgyzstan's landless women

The “Bus of Solidarity” project supports women in Kyrgyzstan to address challenges in exercising their land rights. So far the bus has carried out over 7,000 consultations in 190+ villages to support rural women to understand the law & demand their right. http://bit.ly/2PEwxJV

What do members think about this project? Are there similar versions of mobile legal aid/legal empowerment clinics in your countries? How successful have they been, and what are the lessons that can be shared across the network?


Amazing concept. There is a fledgling Duty Solicitor scheme in Nigeria where Lawyers support persons detained by the police before trial.

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Good work, I think that is what is supposed to be done to ensure that those who need legal services understand first the procedures.

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@ajioye, wonderful to hear. Is there a link you can provide to help us learn more about this scheme in Nigeria?

It looks like this mobile legal access innovation has been used across the globe:

Kentucky pro bono organization uses bus as mobile legal aid clinic

Legal Aid mobile unit ready for the road in Jamaica http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Legal-Aid-mobile-unit-ready-for-the-road_86536

While in some cases actual courts are on wheels to reach remote areas. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/justice-wheels-mobile-court-aims-reach-far-flung-regions-pakistan-flna6C10841811

I can see downsides to this latter approach, such as a lack of accessibility to counsel or community paralegals to support clients, but these are also the general challenges facing traditional justice mechanisms as well.



Here is the link above. The challenge is getting more pro bono Lawyers/paralegals who are able to volunteer hours weekly to the Scheme.

I like that ‘Solidarity bus’ moves to remote communities. Here the Lawyers visit detention centres.


Its good initiative, the idea its amazing. The mobile clinic branded well, all communities can easily I identify it. Visibility is critical element while providing legal first aid.


Great initiatives, I will take into consideration. This show the innovation towards solving community problem

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