Solidarity Statement on Myanmar

Hi Everyone!

With the recent developments in Myanmar that heighten human rights violations and threaten the country’s progress to restore democracy, the core-group members of the Legal Empowerment Network-Southeast Asia (LEN-SEA) have agreed to come together and express their solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

The statement urges the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (ICHR) to take action to address the situation in Myanmar. It also appeals to the international community to join in solidarity with those who struggle and clamor for peace and justice. With the current crisis, the group also calls on everyone to remain vigilant and be watchdogs for our Myanmar brothers and sisters.

Please join us and endorse this statement and help the voice of Myanmar be heard.


Hi everyone!

Please share and endorse the statement to your partners and colleagues.

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Standing in solidarity with Myanmar during this time, and always.

I have endorsed the statement attached.


Thank you. This is much appreciated.


Standing vehemently on Myanmar’s interest.