Space to grow; To improve technical skills by using digital form for case entry


A one year old baby mother, strong female paralegal, Daw Win Sandar Htwe says," I’m really interested in digital and It is new learning for me. I’m also excited to using tablet to entry my case.

The two days digital training was conducted with the objective for paralegals to take a more systemic approach with their cases, have a good sense of case management and accountability, learn how to manage data, create a peer-to-peer learning system, and engage in efforts to improve time management.

Total paralegals are fifteen which include 11 male paralegals and 4 female paralegals. Their supervisor also attended to learn using digital form to help paralegal if need. The first day of training started on 14th November and the training concluded on 15th November 2018. The training was held at Hotel KH in Yangon.

Civil and Political Campaign Group ( CPRCG ) is a great chance to learn this two days digital training and paralegals also observed the other partners ( GPI and TLT ) experience technical issues using digital form. Paralegals were divided into three groups based on where they are from so that they could discuss the similarities of being from the same geographical area. Then, as a group, they entered their cases from paper to tablet.

The following topics were covered in the training:

  1. Update Sharing Vacant Fallow Virgin Land law
  2. What is data? And why is data important?     
  3. New Case Form Using Comments (feedback and suggestions): How to increase active women clients and the definition of active clients
  4. Practicing case entry in New Case Form
  5. Explanation and collection of feedback for Mobile Device Using Policy
  6. Discussion of moving from paper form to digital form In this session, we analyzed the familiarity of participants with technology before practicing the digital form. Every single person had different technical skills when using Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Google and so on.
  7. Practice digital form case entry

Remark from Namati in Myanmar Paralegals are fifteen and the largest group so it take time more than other partner groups. Even though they are familiar with technology, some of them are a little bit difficult using salesforce account. The best thing is paralegal can see and analysis how many their cases are opening and it makes them to reflect.


Looks like a great training! Thanks for sharing @ayeayeaung! It will be interesting to hear how the data entry goes in the field, and how it compares to the experience of the other partners.

Nice to see so many familiar faces in the photos, too! :smile:


Really Thanks Laura for your time for reading. Your comment makes me active to share how the data entry goes in the future.


@ayeayeaung thanks so much for sharing an update from the CPRCG training! Wonderful to see photos of the training in action. It’s also worth noting for other Namati programs that this training marked the Myanmar program’s transition to a completely digital case form, with trainings with partners GPI and TLT taking place earlier this year. Huge thanks and appreciation to you and @nawhlathazin for overseeing this transition over the past year. I look forward to hearing more about how the paralegals are adjusting to managing their cases on tablets.

I also want to share a couple photos from a Salesforce training in Sierra Leone that took place last month. First is @mustaphakanu presenting on how we use data to inform our work:

Followed by photos of @hassansesay walking the group through how to enter case data on the tablets.


Thanks Mia for your input and any help for any time for all of us. Without your help, we can’t do these all digital training very well. Thanks so much from me and Poe Mu.


This is so fascinating. So many members of our network are interested in experimenting with how technology may make their work easier. @ayeayeaung, please do keep us updated on the experience implementing digital entry - perhaps we can highlight it to the greater network at some point?


Thanks Abigail. Yes, we,Myanmar team will try to update.

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