Spread the word - generate support for our movement!

Hello network members! Today on Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving, we are launching a fundraising campaign for our network, featuring videos of four dynamic network members.

In these videos, champions of justice Rose, Haya, Jhody, and Meg all share their experiences. For each of them, the Global Legal Empowerment Network has been a source of knowledge, useful tools, and inspiration - all of which are precious in the difficult and often lonely struggle for justice.

Please share these videos with your own networks, including professional contacts, family, and friends. If we each shared with at least 10 people, we could really raise awareness for the network. Let’s do this :muscle:t4:!

There’s lots of ways to share: Here are a few options:

  • Share this page widely among your contacts.
  • In the top right corner of this Facebook Fundraiser, click “invite friends”. Please invite your Facebook friends to the fundraiser page and encourage them to donate and share the link.
  • This document houses all four video links and includes draft social media posts. Please share whatever video resonates the most with you and feel free to edit the social media posts to fit your own personality.

Thank you for spreading the word!


I made my donation, and shared the link with friends and family in USA. Go team! :rocket:

The four videos are amazing. I am proud of you @JhodyPolk @RoseBirgen @hayazahid and @MegSatt! The work you are doing inspires me every day, and it motivates me to know that this community is contributing to it.