Spreading the precautionary news on COVID-19 in Nigeria via social media

Corona virus as declared pandemic by WHO is ravaging and in Nigeria is spreading everyday. There’s panic mostly caused by the spread of fake news and misinformation about Covid19 among many Nigerians in the social media.

As a concerned citizen, I am challenged at dispelling those myths about Covid19 in Nigeria, disrupting those negative narratives that lead to fear and panic, then constructing precautionary measures contents for sharing so that people can stay safe and be able to make informed choices.

I do this by mobilizing Nigerians to join a whatsapp group I created solely for Covid19 online volunteers who are willing to share, reshare and or post messages from me as administrator of the group everyday on their social media platforms. Massages and contents are only taken from WHO and Nigeria Center for Disease Control websites, and this helps in spreading the message to wider audience for multiplying effect.

Our idea is, the more people we can get in joining the group, the more people can be sensitized through the social media platforms by Nigerians and for Nigerians. Recognizing that citizen have a role to play in stemming the spread of Covid19 in Nigeria and how we can turn the social media space by Nigerians into instrument of social change for social good even in the face of lock down.The initiative is running presently with measurable impacts.

I will love to scale this initiative up for sustainability and will be open to discussing with members of this platform who can help in advicing and or with technical build up etc to pushave the mission forward.

I just play the simple part.


Thanks for sharing @DennisEkwere - this seems like a great, innovative effort to (unfortunately) compete and overcome all of the misinformation going around. I wonder if some of our Nigerian members would be interested to join and share the group? - @fatimaadamu @aminahanga @Bassyjnr @Fiona @williamschima @Mbami.Iliya @mschapman @andrewmaki @Abi @Yibis


Dear @DennisEkwere please kindly add me to the group.

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Dear Bassey, I have sent you an email. Regards.

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@DennisEkwere - Great work! Here are some more resources to help you fight the spread of misinformation

UNICEF has launched a chatbot to answer questions and bust myths around coronavirus

Try it out: Using Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger you can access the current version of the U-Report COVID-19 chatbot.

WhatsApp: Send “CoronaVirus” to +66 80 024 9442.

Facebook Messenger: Send ‘CoronaVirus’ using Facebook Messenger at http://m.me/UReportGlobal

Viber: Follow ‘U-Report’ Public Account on Viber (Go to Discover), Send the message ‘CoronaVirus’

Join new WHO interactive chatbot on Viber to get accurate information about COVID-19 in multiple languages: https://vb.me/82e535


@WhitneyAdams Thanks for the information. It is explored and has since been useful and relevant. Bravo!