State violence against protestors of an environmentally toxic project in India

(Manju Menon) #1

Dear friends, we wanted to share with you the news of the public resistance to this environmentally toxic copper smelting project in South India. The news may have not come through as the case have been very poorly reported by mainstream media. There was massive police violence in Tamilnadu against local people who protested against Vedanta’s copper smelting operations in Tuticorin. The locals who are all affected by pollution had protested for 99 days against the company’s plans to expand the project. On the 100th day 13 people were killed by the police even though all the facts indicate that people had turned up to protest peacefully. They had come with families, kids and packed lunches.

A fact finding team of 23 members found very serious issues with the manner in which the situation was handled. The report is on

Even after this terrible incident, the state police has continued to terrorise people. Many youngsters have been picked up and beaten and authorities have refused permission to hold meetings to discuss the findings.

We had written about this project in our article just days before all the facts of the violence were investigated

This project operating in the world’s largest democracy shows that our institutions meant to protect our rights can be so ruthless and venal.


(Sonkita Conteh) #2

This is sickening! Why is it that those we vote for, entrust with power, easily unleash brute force on us, the very ones they are meant to protect and serve. These are terrible times indeed- scant difference between “democracies” and totalitarian regimes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this heartless betrayal.

(McKinley Charles) #3

Utterly awful. But thank you for sharing, Manju, and keeping us informed of the situation.

I presume we can share the facts of this report through the Justice For All campaign channels but let us know if you have any concerns.

(Manju Menon) #4

Hey! Yes you can quote directly from the fact finding report.

Thanks for checking with me.

Warm regards

(Joanne Kirimi) #5

Thank you for this report and the information. I think this highlights how much we need to mainstream the conversation around Business and Human Rights as we push for states to recognize the need to protect their people and not overlook their rights in the interest of development.

(Bernard ThankGod) #6

Thanks for the report. Violation of Human Rights under the garb of development is unacceptable. The impact of such development to the people must have to be properly put into consideration not forcing bitter pill on their throat through brute force.

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