Statelessness: A Year in Review (2016)

This Year in Review, published by the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, looks back at developments in the field of statelessness and nationality during 2016. It covers community-driven campaigns for nationality and changes in domestic law to developments in regional human rights courts, treaty body proceedings, and the Universal Periodic Review.

The Review even highlights the role of paralegals in realizing citizenship rights in Kenya by linking to a Namati feature called “Justice & Identity in Kibera” that is drawn from the partnership of Namati, Nubian Rights Forum, and OSJI. (The Nubian Rights Forum team is here on the Community Discussions Platform: @zena @makkahyusuf @yasahkym @Cnior @Malasen_Hamida @Naima_Rajab @mariamhussein @Purity_Wadegu)

Based on this review, where do you see new opportunities for legal empowerment to address statelessness in the year to come?

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