[Statement] Covid-19: To leave the crisis behind, rights must come first - Open to endorsements

Dear all,

We want to share a joint statement develolped in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic by a group of organizations members of the Global Network for Legal Empowerment in Latin America.

The statement calls on the states, the private sector, local governments, international organizations, and other relevant authorities to guarantee the rights of vulnerable populations and to prevent this situation from deepening the already existing inequalities in our societies. It also calls on them for the adoption of holistic and inclusive public policies, and the implementation of mechanisms that help people to know their rights and how to enforce them.

In the following link, you can access the document, which is open to endorsements of individuals and organizations from all over the world.

In solidarity,


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Pastoralist communities especially in North Eastern region of Kenya inhabited by Somali Community, are as well at a higher risk of getting this speedy growing virus and are in position of spreading it rapidly within the blink of an eye. Those are people who migrate together, eat together, settle together and more worse use a single source of water such as boreholes. These behaviors won’t allow them to keep space as it is required, it is almost impossible the fact that,they need to visit the boreholes every day either to fetch water or to take their animals on which they rely on for livelihoods .

Socially, Somali community are people who like living together, you will find 20-30 young men drinking tea in the evening in a small hotel playing dice ,cards ,chess etc . Socialization. This makes them more to be in jeopardy.

Apart from socialization, some native people normally show less interest toward catastrophes like covid19 due to the fact that, pastoralist communities are normally detached from the cities and main towns where there is are an availability of information, thus, coping up with what is on the plate is hard. Religion as well, plays a critical role in how community reacts towards this plague. Some will tell you they are not going to be infected because God will protect them forgetting the precaution measures