Stephen Golub blog, A Promised Land: America as a Developing Country,

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope that 2021 is off to a good start for you, despite challenges and hardships ahead.

I’m pleased to inform you of my relaunching my blog, A Promised Land: America as a Developing Country. Drawing on my international experience, my engagement with legal empowerment and my concern about the state of affairs in the United States, it discusses politics, policy and America as a developing country that can learn from other nations. I hope that it proves of interest to both U.S. and overseas audiences.

Here’s the link:

Given the state of affairs in the United States, some of my posts at the moment focus on the end of the Trump era, with my most recent one making a case for his impeachment: A Case for Impeachment

Over time, however, the foci will vary more and will more frequently focus on what the United States can learn from elsewhere and on other development issues, as it did with this post, “Borat the Feminist?”: Borat the Feminist?

I hope you’ll consider checking out the blog and subscribing to it. (It’s free!)

And If you care to pass on this note or the link to any friends or colleagues, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Steve Golub

PS: A Promised Land is a work in progress. I’d welcome feedback and suggestions.

PPS: Some might notice that the blog title is the same as Barack Obama’s new book. I’m happy for the coincidence, and note that I actually started using the term “A Promised Land” a few years ago.