Still on consumer's electricity rights in Nigeria

Sometimes in 2018, I realized that Kaduna Electricity Company were asking people in Kakuri community in Kaduna State, Nigeria to pay from N1,000 above before they can get electric token for supply. This went on for long in a semi poor community where almost everyone live from hand to mouth unabatedly.

I took it up and contested that the forceful asking of N1 000 above purchase from Kaduna Electric Company on the community consumers is outright violation and abuse of consumers rights to choice. And on 29th January 2019, got a judgement against them on behalf of the community. Please attached is the judgement.Dennis vs Kaduna Electric.pdf (1.2 MB)

Recently I have realized that Kaduna Electric Company have gone back to the former unlawful action in the State, by asking and forcefully demanding all consumers to buy electric token at N1,000 above before they can purchase.

Untiring, I have also begun the process again by filling a petition against them before Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission Forum. Hearing will soon commence.

This time I am praying for the forum to -

  1. To declare the continous act in any guise as unfair practice, breach of consumers rights, unlawful, null and void.
  2. To declare their action as contempt given that I had gotten judgement against them on the same subject matter on 29th January 2019.
  3. To declare it unlawful and breach of consumers rights to information and price change, by not notifying consumers with relevant information before demanding whatsoever in guise of buying token at N1 000 above.
  4. If their action is found to be violation as mentioned above, Kaduna Electric Company should publish full page colored advertorial apology in 3 Nigerian National newspapers to Kaduna State consumers.

Stay tuned.

(The writeup is attempt to share experience in the use of petition as powerful tool in our local advocacy works for collective rights).


Well done Denise. A lot of electricity consumers complain in silence without knowing where to channel their grievance. More advocacy is needed


Thanks Frank. We can do more for marginalized people and communities in Nigeria.

I appreciate.

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Today 8th September 2020 was the ruling on the matter between DENNIS EKWERE vs KADUNA #ELECTRIC COMPANY, NIGERIA.

I won again.

All my prayers granted.

:black_small_square:Kaduna electric company action of forceful asking #consumers/#customers to buy electric token whether online and or offline at not below N1,000 declared unlawful and illegal. :black_small_square: Ordered to sell and consumers must buy at any amount they can afford or choose without any hinderance. :black_small_square: Ordered to tendered apology to me and its consumers via all their social media platforms on or before 22nd September 2020

The power to change the world is in you. Use it.


Herewith attached is the ruling I got against Kaduna Electric Company, Nigeria on 8th September 2020.

Herewith attached also is the enforcement taken by Kaduna Electric.

This singular ruling have impacted over 10 million poor people who couldn’t or struggle to buy electric token at N1,000 every purchase.

However, I am sharing this experience because I have been using the power of petition over the years in driving advocacies and social change impactfully, in a non violent actions.

And I realize that most Nigerians, Africans do not understand the power and use of petition to drive social change. I will be very happy to share my experience so others can learn from it too.

Together is better. Speak up.dennis Ekwere (1).pdf (666.5 KB)


Thanks for sharing this great news, @DennisEkwere - and congratulations! It seems like a remarkable example of consumers asserting their ability to claim rights to basic services without being extorted to participate. I particularly like how you took up an administrative grievance after the court judgment did not affect any real change.

I moved this post from the Citizenship category to Advocacy since we refer to Citizenship as focusing on statelessness and legal identity, but also with the hope that others will read your case.

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Moreover, when I got the first ruling, I just put the ruling on my file. Probably that’s why it was not effective. So the second one, I had to go on media especially radio that can reach the poor, to sensitize them about it and for them to demand for their rights based on the ruling.

Though I had threat, but that couldn’t deter me.

We put law in hands of the people so they can push for justice themselves.


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Well done, @DennisEkwere!

I am curious, you said you had threats? Are you comfortable explaining that a bit more? Was it the Kaduna Electricity Company that was threatening you to stop “or else”? If you don’t want to say, I completely understand. No pressure.

I ask as the Legal Empowerment Network powers the Justice For All campaign which is advocating for increased financing and protections for grassroots justice defenders like you. We are always looking to learn more and capture such experiences to support our advocacy efforts.


Yes verbal attack and face off came from Kaduna Electric Company, asking I should stop. That why is it only me? That I should be careful or else?

Other threats came as SMS/phone calls from unknown persons. I have to fortify my personal security though.

However, I look forward for support, adequate security and protection of local grassroot rights defenders lIke me. Sometimes this threat demoralizes and limit my works.

However, any technical or support will be in place.

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