Stregthening the referal system- Paralegals connected to health care workers

Dear Friends, Am happy to share a module that UGANET is using to help communities access justice through legal empowerment. For the last 10 years UGANET paralegals has worked so well with health workers to empower patients with basic legal knowledge at health facilities. This has been achieved by placing paralegals at health facilities and by conducting exposure meeting where both paralegals and health workers are put in one room to share leanings and create a proper road map for referral for patients to access medical care and legal services at grassroots level.

More learning on this module can be got on our website


Dear Friends , am new but also interested in helping the community to have access to justice through advocacy programs at the health facilities. We as paralegals have regular sessions with the patients and meetings with health care workers. We struggle with the referral system or tool that we use maybe if you can share your method we can learn from you. Dialogue session with the clients is one of the best way to ensure that we know the clients understand hoe to have access to justice.

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