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I am an Afro-descendant student and cultural leader, I live in Bogotá Colombia 13 years ago. I was born in Cali and I am studying the last month of a law degree. As a leader, I have worked with my community for more than 8 years as a volunteer. I am the Bogota representative of the students who are beneficiaries of a scholarship in Colombia for black communities. This volunteering has allowed me to take workshops and talks to different neighborhoods where people of African descent live. Misinformation in different social and legal issues distances them from different opportunities. In this context and soon to be a lawyer, I developed with the Organization which I am the founder an initiative to bring neighborhoods, Mobile Legal Advice, and talks on human rights to help people who do not have the resources to travel or pay consultations. Additional I have signed with the university where I study for the accompaniment of 20 practitioners to this volunteering. Likewise, the local town hall of Ciudad Bolívar will give us a place to receive people for 5 months. However, there are some costs and expenses that we can not assume and that is why I have gone to a web page to collect contributions and easily develop this initiative. There you can find detailed budget information. I thank the Namati community for sharing this campaign and support us in raising the funds. We will be very grateful.

Vaki - Crowdfunding y financiamiento colectivo se hace con el #VakiPower - On Facebook and YouTube you can find us as Agrupación Pattaki

I will gladly answer any questions.


Hi, you can find us on Facebook and YouTube as: Agrupacion Pattaki. And you can obtein more information about the campaing on Vaki - Crowdfunding y financiamiento colectivo se hace con el #VakiPower People need us. We need you.

I am very impressed with your story and initiatives. Keep it up

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Thanks a lots Alihaji… Always for ours communities, our world.

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