Support Joint Petition on Enforced Disappearance in Iraq

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor invites you to support a joint petition on Enforced disappearance of Iraqi citizens. The petition calls on Iraqi authorities and armed militias to immediately release forcibly disappeared people and disclose their fate.

According to the International Committee on Missing Persons, the number of missing persons in Iraq ranges from 250,000 to a million people.

Act now! Join in the call for Iraqi authorities and armed militias to ensure the safety of forcibly disappeared people and demand their immediate release.

By signing this petition, you are helping the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor convey their voice and stop these unfair violations. Please follow the link below to read and sign the petition:

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Dear Mutanu, How can we join this petition? could you please give us more information regarding the work plan and so on?

Dear Dyari,

Unfortunately, the call to sign in support of the petition is now closed. You can find more information on what the call was about, the work plan and and how you can get involved here.

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