Support offer for organizations that want to use data and tech in their work

The Engine Room, an international non-profit organisation which supports civil society with responsible, effective and strategic use of data and tech. As part of this work, we have a Light-Touch Support (LiTS) programme, through which we offer pro-bono, actionable and tailored support to civil society.

Earlier this year, we published research on how legal empowerment organisations are using tech and data in their work. Inspired by that research, we’re excited to offer pro-bono, actionable and tailored support – through our LiTS programme – to legal empowerment organisations or activists who are interested in working more with data and tech.

Check out our blog post here, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! LiTS for legal empowerment | The Engine Room


Thanks for sharing. Can I have access to your research for further reading !!! @lbewlay

hi there,

thanks for the message. The research links are below:

Full Report:

Online Summary: Technology for Legal Empowerment

Reseach on Case Management Technology:

Let me know if you would like to chat further.


Thanks for quick response. I will back to you if I have any thing.

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