Supporting the less privileged in our communities

As Community Paralegals, we should have it mind that our people are looking up to us, for support and advice and although we don’t earn much to support them financially, we can teach them how to catch a fish instead of making them wait to give them a fish. Sharing ideas and frequently visiting them to chat and ask about their well being and the challenges their facing in life. Is a good step in the right direction, not everyone will appreciate your presence so don’t try to fake it, be real and reasonable cuz that way you can be emotionally stable to attend to their needs and also attend to your own needs in life too. It’s a great feeling when you see so many people looking up to you as a Paralegal to advise and support them in times of their need. Keep up the good work and never be discouraged no matter what happens, the law and justice is our strength to see us through every passing day. Let our work bring us Joy and happiness as we continue to support the Urban poor in our communities