Swazi Lives Matter Global Solidarity Movement | Independence day lecture

Swazi Lives Matter Global Solidarity Movement

The United eSwatini Diaspora together with COSATU will be embarking on campaigns to intensify and advance solidarity for the liberation of Swazi people.

The activities that will be undertaken during the Global Week of Action as follows;


06.09.2021 NATIONAL SEMINAR (virtual) – Hosted by COSATU (14:00 CAT)

06.09.2021 GLOBAL DIASPORA SEMINAR (virtual) – hosted by Swazi lives Matter Global Solidarity (17:30 CAT)

07.09.2021 YOUNG WORKERS & YOUTH SEMINAR (virtual) – Human rights violations, police brutality, Civil disobedience (14:00 CAT)

07.09.2021 ESWATINI MEMORIA(virtual) – Honoring those we have lost during this struggle (18:00 CAT)

09.09.2021 BOARDER BLOCKADES(physical0) – Lavumisa/Golela , Mahamba , Ngwenya/Oshoek , Matsamo/Jeppes Reef

It has become clear that Regional and International support and solidarity for the people of eSwatini is a crucial enabler in denouncing injustice in eSwatini and we are confident that these activities will receive your support and participation.

Join Zoom Meeting for September 6th, 2021


Meeting ID: 810 8092 1378, Passcode: 677801

Join Zoom Meeting for September 7th, 2021


Meeting ID: 828 8729 9920, Passcode: 172434

Full information in the flyer: 06.09.2021 MEDIA BRIEF - GLOBAL SOLIDARITY.pdf (458.4 KB)

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