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The NRF growth strategy is to give technical support to the new paralegal sites. This has ignited intrapersonal communications that I think I should share and maybe some of my questions might be answered :blush:. Please help me out. What do you understand by technical support? What is the limit and the entry point of technical support? How do you do partner visits without appearing as a supervisor but more as an friend who wants to help? How do you give technical support to a project that has no funds? Can technical support be separated from financial support? How do you give technical support without appearing as a donor?

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Thanks for this post @mustafamahmoud!

If I may add one more question - for those of you implementing paralegal programs, what kind of technical guidance has been useful to you in the past or would best meet ongoing challenges? What form of technical support is most helpful to your team?

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Thanks again for such an insight post @mustafa_mahmoud, Technical support is not a stand a lone activity. For example you cannot just walk into an organization and offer to give technical support. There must be something existing which you want to give technical support on. The reason as to why technical support has been confused with funding or material support is because technical support is given after funding has been given and a either a new system has been introduced hence need for technical support. Technical support is given to enhance one’s knowledge over something. It will be a challenge giving technical support to a project with no funds; it is more likely that the project will stall and your technical support will gather some dust in the shelves as it wait for funding to implement your ideas.


I :heart: this:

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These are two very valuable thoughts that are very much worth considering together. I’d love to hear some concrete stories that exemplify the challenges.

Depending on the system you are talking about, whether or not it is something you are introducing, It can be incredibly difficult to separate guidance (tech support, showing people how to solve their own problems using tech) from direction (micro managing, telling people how to perform tasks). This risks creating a power imbalance in the relationship, especially if you are or even just potentially could be providing funding or material support.

You might be able to get around this issue by proactively seeking opportunities to collaborate side by side on a project together, as peers. If that’s not possible, then you could try to bring a handful of different people together as a group to collaborate, or to find technical solutions to common challenges, and create opportunities for them to help each other and guide them in doing that.

In researching for this reply I came across What we learned about tech capacity building, a great post on the website that I think is relevant to this. We can dig into some of those ideas here if you are interested.


surely , after reading the above conversation, i now got an insight of what a technical support is.Thanks mustafa


Thanks for checking in with us. Karibu! How does the above apply to your situation and the work you do in Kenya? We’d love to hear.

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The organizations that provides any technical support assist and molds to build up to grow in the spheres of focus, of concerned organization. But sometimes i ask myself why we are not entering any formal agreement with those organization that provide us with the technical support.we enter agreements with Donors but i have never seen any agreement binding from the technosupport organizations, other than verbal communication. is this so in the other world?.Secondly you also find that the technical support organizational links with the donor organization reports directly over you …sometimes you keep silent for, you exactly do not know what has been reported by the technical support team.Tricky situation??so as a small growing community based organization you feel bulldozed by the techno support organization and still you need the capacity development for your organization without annoying the big brother.

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