Technology to justice for all

Why people dont get justice ? The following are the barrier :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Legal information

  2. Lawyers fees

  3. Complex court systems

  4. Lack of victim protection

Now how to fight these ?

Technology is at rescue. We could build a website that could supply legal information free of cost. A bot will help people find appropriate legal information.

A virtual lawyer bot will draft their documents free of cost. And it also explain them complex court process with the help of video or graphics or concept map etc.

Now tge lack of legal info and complexities of court process are eliminated. Rest is lawyers fee and victim protection.

That is government’s job.

Hope this will do ?


That’s a a great idea, @ark200! There are such initiatives already being experimented with around the world. One of the big challenges is always going to be localization, since laws are not the same everywhere in the world and the strategies to get justice are also different. So it’s hard to get around the need for people who are knowledgeable and can help others to help navigate the system.

One of my favorites is The World's First Robot Lawyer 🤖 which I posted about a little while back. There is also Interview about, online platform providing free legal answers in Moldova.


The website wil be like an encyclopedia of law with a repository of all the laws and rules all over the world. So there would be no difficulty as per legal information.

Lawyer bot will help people surfe or navigate around this encyclopedia of law in their mother language.

All you have to do is choose your nationality and country and mother language and bot will tell you in your mother language about the law of your country.

How is the plan now ?


Great idea, even in our laws technology is the part of solving complexity issues. In Zanzibar, we had Evidence Law that existed for 100 years since 1917 without recognize technology but the new law Act No.9/2016 incorporate technology to simplify the matters of evidence. In term of people who need legal aid services especially those from rural areas would be some what complexity if more efforts will not taken to ensure technology will not be obstacle. I have witnessed the issue of online registration like company, NGOs etc some countries is very simple to register it but some regions even there is online technology but still takes long time .