Thank you and goodbye from Ashley, former network associate and forever network member

(Ashley van Waes) #1

To my fellow Network members:

As some of you may already know, today is my last day formally working with Namati. In a few short weeks, I am returning to school to pursue a Master’s in Global Human Development at Georgetown University.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you – to those of you I have had the pleasure of working with directly, and to those of you I have never had the chance to meet, but have been inspired by your passion for justice and dedication to your communities daily.

Whether we interacted through conversations on the forum, at the leadership course in Budapest, marched for #JusticeForAll in Buenos Aires or DC, advocated for land rights in Myanmar, or at any other moment in between, know that I am very grateful to have been welcomed into this community, and to have played a small part in building the legal empowerment movement.

A very special thank you to my colleagues (@namati_staff) and especially to my @namati_network team! Your genuine kindness, brilliance, eagerness to problem solve, and commitment to making the world a better place has made these past two years truly unforgettable. I have learned so much from you, and promise to take these lessons forward in my career in return.

Despite my formal position at Namati coming to an end, I have found a home within the Network – and plan to remain a part of this community for years to come. Please keep in touch! You can find me here (@ashleyvanwaes) or on LinkedIn.

With love,


P.S. I’ve attached a few photos from some of my favorite memories with you all :slight_smile:








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(Tobias Eigen) #2

Ashley, it’s been great working with you and I am going to miss you!

Please keep us posted as you continue on in your career - I can’t wait to learn the great things you will do, and hope you continue to look to the network you helped to create as a resource and a source of inspiration. I am glad you decided to spend these years with us. You have made an imprint on the network at a crucial time. I especially appreciate how hard you worked in the last few weeks to document the many things only you knew how to do and to make sure you are leaving us well situated.

I look forward to catching up with you soon, either when you are next here in the Seattle area (you are owed a paddling session in Puget Sound!) or when I come to DC.

(Ashley van Waes) #3

Thank you, Tobias! and thank you for unearthing that picture!! :two_hearts: Yes, I will choose a paddling session over a minivan trip to the doctor any day :wink: Until next time, whichever coast.

(Deyla Curtis) #4

@ashleyvanwaes we’re really going to miss you. But I’m so excited to follow your next steps :). Thank you for everything you’ve given to this movement.

(Vivek Trivedi) #5

All the very best to you, Ashley!

(David Saute) #6

Hi Aslyh I hope this message finds you fine. Only to wish you goods at all.

God blesse you.



A Qua, 1/08/2018, 10:16 PM, ashleyvanwaes escreveu:

(Ibrahim R. Kanu) #7

Thank you for being with us that’s great. Hoping for a successful completion and looking to see you back with us after the program.

(Satnam Kaur) #8

All the best, Ashley!

(Natalia Camburian) #9

Good luck Ashley in your new Journey!

(Mohamed Abass Sankoh) #10

Ashley thank you so much, we wish you the best of luck.

(Fatima Adamu) #11

Dear @ashleyvanwaes

I remember how effective you were during my prep to attend the legal empowerment course last year and before then how fast you always have been in attending to us on the network alongside @tobiaseigen and @michaelotto of course.

Wish You the very best and as my people will say “May your footsteps be blessed”


(Mary Oyier) #12

I will miss you Ashley .For you were very vibrant here. Hope to see you back. Otherwise wishing you all the Best. Am Sad you are leaving. I still remember our Skype call.

(Zwannah Massallay) #13

Ashley, a good heart and a good mind are formidable combinations to move the world to a better place.

Well, as u are set to pursuit your education to another level, I just want to say in this manner best wishes in ur education endeavor.

Let us keep the touch of transformation burning for the betterment of our one world.

(Michael Otto) #14

You will be missed, @ashleyvanwaes, but we are all excited for your next chapter! :woman_student: All the best and see you on the forum!

(Ashley van Waes) #15

Thank you, all :hugs:

(Divine Mulonge Kisali) #16

Dear Ashley, it’s been a pleasure for FERAPAD and all Namati’s members being with you and on our network. We are going to miss you! So, we wish you all the best.


Divine Mulonge Kisali,

FERAPAD’s executive secretary.

(Grace Nayiga) #17

Dear Ashley,

Thank you for the great work with NAMATI. We shall miss you but am positive you will be with us on the online forum.

(Katrina Noyes) #18

Best of luck to you, Ashley! It’s been such a pleasure, and I look forward to connecting with you again at some point in the future!

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